Nov 21 - 2018

A Mother-Daughter Duo Powerhouse – Frances and Charlotte Gadbois

About the Episode

Frances and Charlotte Gadbois both possess a power presence, beauty from the inside out, and a way of making others around them feel truly seen and heard. The incredible icing on the cake is that they make some of the finest jewelry available on the market today, with the modern woman and all of her desires in mind. Today, they share their beautiful story with Carrie about the creative inspiration behind Sloane Street, how a business plan written on a napkin in London changed everything, what makes their collections so unique and the hilarious mother-daughter behind the scenes relationship stories. Much like the jewelry they provide for women all around the world, their business mentality is one of quality, longevity and value.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode: The real scoop on what it’s like for a mother-daughter duo to work so closely together. How they got started as an entrepreneurial family, and knew they needed to be in business together. How Frances and Charlotte work great together, even with very different styles and personalities, and why you may not want to bounce ideas off Charlotte until she has her first sip of caffeine in the morning. What they each teach each other on a daily basis, both in business and life in general. Their previous backgrounds before Sloane Street, and how it affected their business savvy decisions in the present day. Why an eggplant colored couch led Frances to realize she needed a major career change. The serendipitous timing of their business emerging and Sloane Street forming. How Charlotte balances a full time work schedule with school, and of course, a booming social life. How they navigate communication with staff, and create an open company culture. Why no matter how successful your child is, you still have the urge to tell them it’s time to go to bed. Why the new generation cares more about wearability than price or color, and how Frances and Charlotte make jewelry appropriate from the boardroom to the ballroom. The special care and research that goes into every piece of jewelry that they make. The way they adapt their company to be both on trend in both consumer purchasing patterns and the fashion industry. The ways Sloane Street are strategic about their purchase locations, and the story of their decision to pull the product from Amazon. Their travel philosophy and expert tips (it’s not just all private jets and Ritz Carltons)! The love Sloane Street has for their customers, and the passion they have for repurposing family heirlooms and meaningful pieces. The lessons they have learned along the way of turning mistakes into growth, and advice they would give to budding female entrepreneurs. The thoughtful and precise work that goes into a photo shoot, and every piece of marketing Frances and Charlotte put out. How they balance their strong internal vision with making sure others in the team get their voice out as well.

Quotes: “Anything creative, I love.” – Frances “Truly this is the most rewarding thing we could have done.” – Charlotte “We’ve always had the type of relationship where we are so close, like sisters.” “My favorite look with most of the stuff we have is just a T-shirt and jeans.” “Jewelry should make you feel something, and it should be about what you personally like.” “We are on trend, but we aren’t trendy.”

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