Jun 10 - 2024

Accelerating EV Adoption: The Role of GM Energy


About the Episode

Derek Sequeria, Director of GM Energy, discusses the acceleration of EV adoption and the role of GM Energy in providing solutions for customers. He highlights the importance of education in driving EV adoption and the decreasing cost of EVs compared to gasoline vehicles. Sequeria also addresses concerns about charging infrastructure, emphasizing the availability of home charging options and the growing public charging network. He discusses the environmental impact of EVs and the potential for second-life use of EV batteries. Sequeria acknowledges the role of government incentives in promoting EV adoption and the benefits of EVs for people with disabilities. He also mentions the development of autonomous driving features and the concept of bi-directional charging.


00:00 Introduction and the Role of GM Energy

02:19 The Decreasing Cost of EVs and the Right Time to Switch

04:09 Charging Infrastructure: Home Charging and Public Charging Network

08:55 The Environmental Impact of EVs and Second-Life Batteries

10:46 Government Incentives and the Promotion of EV Adoption

14:21 Improving Accessibility with EVs

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