May 14 - 2020

An Evening with Brad May

About the Episode

Brace yourselves, this one goes about 90 minutes.

The one thing the pandemic has afforded us all is time and these last few weeks have proven that. This week, former NHLer Brad May chats with us to discuss various parts of his career. 

Nothing was off-limits including how May prepped for our chat. Ryan, Ted, and Brady were loaded with some great questions and Brad didn’t let up.

We touch on a few of his classic fights, how he has fought players that ended up becoming his teammates, the feeling of winning the Stanley Cup, his draft day photo (what a beauty!), and some more controversial stuff.

May Day is 100% candid in our chat and even touches on a subject that was discussed earlier this year regarding the “the incident” and his feelings now that it’s over.

He even gets into the next phase of his life in a business you probably wouldn’t expect.

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