Jan 25 - 2024

Andrew Berkshire & Rachel Doerrie: Hockey Canada Sex Assault Charges

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

The particular podcast today.

Andrew Berkshire is one of Dean’s favorite Hockey Writers. He’s legit.

Rachel Doerrie is one of Dean’s FAVORITE hockey Analysts. She’s legit.

Today we talked about the impending charges stemming from 5 members of Canada’s 2018 WJHC raping a woman in a London Hotel Room in 2019.

Racehls has some experience as a woman who worked in the NHL. We talked about:

Hockey Culture’s latest warning to ship up

Do we expect the NHL to get this right?

Process of charges – when will they be charged, and what’s the deadline??

What’s at stake for the players, and who are the players?

Andrew and Rachel broke it all down perfectly in a bite-sized podcast, so follow them on socials and listen to this podcast if you want the skinny on this new Hockey Canada Bombshell…

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