Aug 19 - 2022

Andy Lee Returns To The Show With National Observer Lead Columnist Max Fawcett

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Max Fawcett, lead columnist at the National Observer is back and so is a self-styled journalist from the separatist Maverick Party, Andy Lee.

Andy was on a couple of weeks ago, and she stole the show. She wanted to come back, Max wanted to come back when Andy came back, so, here we are!

I think Andy wants to talk about making the top ten Russian disinformation list (she thinks it’s bullshit) and Max wants to talk to Andy about her associating with the convoy as well as some of her “right-leaning” views.

Dean always appreciates a good show and Lochlin loves conflict, so we’re just here for the fun of it all.

Finland’s EXTREMELY attractive PM is getting called out for partying too hard. The video explains the rest. Are politicians allowed to party? Get rowdy? Do body shots?

The Fake trucker church in Ottawa is bracing for a feud after being evicted for not paying rent (cults don’t plan very well). We dig into why and what’s next for Canada’s dumbest people.

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