Jun 4 - 2022

Another Four Years Of Doug Ford, David Wallace Interview Breakdown, Sperm Donor Drama & Biden Is Sending Heavy Weapons To Ukraine

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Well, fuck. Doug Ford scammed his way into another four-year term and we brought lead columnist from the National Observer, Max Fawcett in to ask 1 question.

“If everyone hates the man, wtf happened?”

People are still buzzing from Self-Described “Fixer” David Wallace’s insane interview yesterday. We discuss doing insane interviews and whether or not it’s safe to do them.

A sperm donor is in trouble for not disclosing his medical condition to his baby momma. Turns out that not disclosing genetic brain conditions responsible for your low IQ to women you donate your sperm to is an issue.

Biden is sending some heavy weapons to UKRAINE. Munitions expert Army Kris drops in to tell us about the MLRS systems and Trudeau’s new gun control measures.

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