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Nov 22 - 2023

Ayurvedic Healing

About the Episode

Angelica Neri is a yoga instructor and Ayurvedic healer, explains that the “monkey mind” is a common limiting belief that can be overcome through spiritual practices like yoga and meditation. She shares that her passion for healing began as a child, with psychic experiences that she didn’t understand until later in life.

In this episode, Angelica describes Reiki as an ancient energy healing technique that can break up energetic blockages and connect to intuition. She shares her personal experience with intuition from a young age, valuing it as the highest form of intelligence and inner knowing that can’t be found in books or learning from others. Angelica’s intuition as a strong feeling that can’t be explained logically, but is often felt in the gut or body.

Matt gets curious about Kundalini yoga and its effects on emotions. Kundalini’s energy as a serpent that lives at the base of our spine, representing transformation and intuition, Angelica says Kundalini yoga can activate this energy and clear out old patterns, awakening intuition.

Angelica digs into the Doshas are made up of three types: pitta, kapha, and vata, each with distinct characteristics and physical features.

You can connect with Angelica through her website. She also has a show called Divine Feminine Healer’s Podcast which you can follow here,

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