Apr 2 - 2024

Bad Parenting Defined – Do Your Kids Have Secrets?

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome back, Jo!

Teacher, educational advocate, and one of Dean’s favorite people, Joanna Johnson, returns to talk about YOUR kids.

– Parents who give their kids away

– Parents who tell their kids to keep secrets

– Parents to force their kids to take a vow of familial silence

– What kids want today that parents aren’t giving them

– Present-day examples of worst-case scenarios (Puff Daddy/Justin Bieber)

– What is the ONE thing Jo says your kids want from you other than unconditional love

Jo has a knack for educating through historical examples. Your kids are no property. They have rights and are looking for security, not chaos. We’ve progressed as a society, and for some reason, some people want to parent like it’s 1850.

The keys to a successful relationship with your kids are in this podcast. Careful

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