Feb 15 - 2024

Barry Kerch & Harry Turner

Spear Talk Podcast

About the Episode

For episode 159, we welcomed back 4x guest Barry Kerch, who is the drummer for the multi-platinum selling rock band Shinedown, and 2x guest Harry Turner who is a former British soldier, a wildlife conservationist, and a recent Emmy winner for his documentary, Wildcat!

In our talk we covered our first meeting together backstage at a show in Spokane, Washington, Harry’s recent Emmy win for the documentary Wildcat, the plans and goals for his non-profit Emerald Arch, the power and healing that comes from being in nature, what it would take to live in the jungle, my fear of snakes, going viral on social media for “Sound Of Madness” recently, understanding the struggles of depression and mental health, and so much more!

#shinedown #wildcat #mentalhealth 

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