Oct 23 - 2021

Beaver Bites: Yet One More Bite

About the Episode

Recording Dates: October 8 & 23

The Eager Beaver and Mr. Grizzly discuss where the parties stand post-election; the good, bad, and ugly of their election campaign strategies, and; where they may go from here..

This is the tenth installment of our new format for the elections, in which we try to bring you more frequent, much less scripted, but potentially shorter episodes we call “Beaver Bites”, so that we may bring you Election 44 coverage with fewer delays.

Also, because we believe that “Democracy Is Something You Do”, we invite our Kits to write in to the show to share with us what the election was like for you.

You can do that via our show’s Facebook blog page on via Twitter @TrueEager.

Until then, be kind to, and gentle with, yourselves,

Your Eager Beaver

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