Jun 29 - 2022

Beaver Encore — An Extended Interview with CBC Sportscaster Devin Heroux

About the Episode

Hey Kits!

Last year, prior to going national via The Dean Blundell Network, we had recorded an interview with Devin Heroux from CBC Sports. He was generous enough to grant us an extended chat just prior to heading to Japan to cover the Tokyo 2020/2021 Olympic Games.

Unfortunately, due to a series of odd technical difficulties and a move on my part, we had never gotten around to posting the second part of our interview.

So, this year, for Pride Month, we are releasing the two parts as a Beaver Encore for you to enjoy.

In it not only do we geek out on sports, but we talk about what it was like making one’s way in the testosterone-fueled world of sports, while being one’s authentic self.

If you know Devin at all from his work, you already know this will be an engaging and heartfelt interview. And if you don’t, this is your opportunity to get to know this gem of a man.

Over the summer, we hope to bring our new listeners more of our early-day Interview Project chats, for your listening pleasure. We hope you enjoy catching up with some of our Season 1 back catalogue.

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