Nov 10 - 2022

Blue Check Marks with Scott Trades and Lochlin Cross.

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

How are YOU doing, THURSDAY!!!

Well, Twitter’s “Great Verification Parade has begun, and despite some severe shaming, almost everyone at paid there $8 dollars”just for the videos and 1080p stuff” LOL.

– What does verification mean now?

– How to tell the difference between paid and unpaid official verification?

– How much money did Elon make forcing people to sign up to not be shadowbanned?

Speaking of ELON, his DOGEcoin is worthless after crypto CRATERED yesterday.

Our Crypto Finance guy Scott Trades wrote a few desperate tweets yesterday, and it looks like he’s had enough of the fake digital money scam. He joined us to discuss wtf happened in the Crypto markets and who it served (spoiler alert – not you)

A British man was kicked out of a Job interview because his penis was too big. Dean explains because he understands the “my wiener is too bg” news stories. Fish, meet barrel.

BIG changes are coming to We’re finally able to talk about them a little. What to expect, and we finish off with a bit of Q and A about what to expect in the coming days.

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