Oct 20 - 2022

Brian Lilley Is A Clown & Jordan Peterson & Jamie Sale Need A Wellness Check

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Lawyer and author. RBC Taylor Prize and National Mag Award and all around nice guy, Mark Bourrie, PhD joins us to talk about the release of his already smash hit book “Big Men Fear Me.” Mark talks about the relevance of the story behind the Globe & Mail founder being a HUGE fascist. Also, why MSM in Canada has become a circus, lead by clowns like Brian Lilley.

Jamie Sale is going off the Deep End again. The wackier she gets, the more fundraisers she holds. The grift never ends!

Someone PLEASE do a wellness check on Jordan Peterson! He’s heading into “Kanye West DeathCon Weird” territory. We think he’s glitching out inside his own matrix maybe.

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