May 20 - 2017

Broadway Bill Lee – Coast to Coast, Post to Post

About the Episode

Broadway Bill Lee is one of the reasons I fell in love with radio. In the late 80’s I would watch Vuolo Video airchecks and Bill stood out amongst the crowd. Fast forward to the digital era and Bill is still entertaining people on multiple social media platforms with his unique song intros that make him one of a kind. His afternoon show on the legendary WCBS-FM is top rated because of the hard work he puts into the show, and the great programming team at the station. Yes, it’s a trip down memory lane at times, but if you want to work for 5 decades in radio, you had better be able to rebrand yourself. (We talk about that)

The podcast is brought to you by Promosuite and their new cloud based paperless studio. We wanted to have Rocco from Promosuite on the show to talk about his time with Bill Lee at Hot 97, but alas… he had laryngitis. Visit the website – it will make him feel better.

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