Jun 15 - 2022

Buzz Knight: Takin’ A Walk

About the Episode

One of the better legacies the pandemic was people rediscovered the value and simplicity of taking a walk. There’s something magical and simple about wandering around with someone you love to talk to and immersing yourself amongst the fresh air and conversation. 

This week Buzz Knight returns to the Sound Off Podcast. In February 2019, Matt Cundill and Buzz Knight talked about his previous podcast Healthy Paranoia. Buzz’s new one is called Takin’ A Walk, and it’s themed around Buzz simply going for a walk with guests, and having incredibly insightful conversations about their careers and what they see on the walk.

Buzz is a radio veteran having spent most of his career as a Radio Executive at Beasley, and CBS Radio. As such, the guests are often connections he’s made through his career, but they also include people like authors, athletes, musicians, and business owners. Buzz’s podcast aims to “embrace the mindfulness associated with walking along with the beauty of storytelling and conversation”.

In this episode, we reconnect with Buzz about what he decided to start Takin’ A Walk, and he shares some anecdotes about the unique challenges presented by recording a podcast while walking around the streets of NYC, Boston, Chicago or wherever he finds himself. We backtrack to Buzz’s time in radio, and his company, Buzz Knight Media, which works with other media companies to develop their business strategy.

To get in touch with Buzz, you can follow him on Twitter or LinkedIn, or visit the Contact section of his website.

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