Aug 2 - 2022

Calgary Stampede 2022 Sucked

About the Episode

Holy shit… Welcome BACK to Minimal Filters, everyone. We are alive and well, dont stress. On today’s episode, episode number 35 we will briefly discuss where we have both been the last month and what exactly we have been up to, cause I know you were all very worried. 

We will compete in another NAILS, my favorite segment… where we we be doing the NAILS of “Words to describe Stampede”

We will bring back our ratings scales of all the concerts we went to during stampede.

Then we will be adding a twist to our love language segment. This week instead of giving love advice and tips from both male and female perspective, we will be pulling three recent cry for help stories from the internet from a female about her boyfriend and simply telling her what we think she should do moving forward. This segment will for sure be very controversial and could get spicy, just remember. We are professional psychiatrists.

And lastly, we rinse off this podcast with our shower thoughts of the day.

Time Stamps:

NAILS of Words that describe Stampede: 5:10

Nathan & Kale’s Rating Scales of Stampede Concerts 23:56

Love Language – Relationship Advice for Reddit losers: 32:10

Shower Thought of The Day: 40:52

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