Apr 18 - 2024

Canada’s Wealth Tax Anger/Tim Horton’s Pizza/Leafs vs Bruins

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome back. Lochlin is VERY angry at the Trudeau government for the new “wealth tax.” He owns multiple homes and’s now voting for PeePee because Trudeau raised the capital gains tax by 17% for any transaction over $250k.

We discuss the purpose of wealth tax, its effect on real estate, and affordability. We also discuss how Lochlin has no desire to “take it in the hoop” anymore, but do we feel sorry for the extremely wealthy who have to pay their fair share of taxes? And why the FUCK are we not going after tax-dodging corps like Lobaws, who hide hundreds of million in taxes from the CRA.

Tim Horton’s introduced a new pizza, and it sucks. Not one positive review from anyone who’s tried it makes us wonder wtf happened to this once proud institution.

Playoff hockey is upon us, and we have a Leafs/Bruins first-round series. Dean is putting money on the Leafs losing in 7 because that happens yearly. Sharp money has Bruins in seven, and so does the comedic money.

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