Oct 13 - 2022

Canadian Human Rights Activist & Hero Cheri DiNovo

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Different show today, and we need to have a chat with Canada’s openly bisexual clergy to perform a gay marriage; Cheri Dinovo and her life story is a TRIP.

– Homeless by 16, she sold LSD in bibles

– became an academic activist in the ’60s

– A united church reverend and Masters in theology

– performed Canada’s first legally binding gay marriage in 2001

– Cheri is an outspoken human rights activist and United Church Reverend to this day. Cheri is an outspoken activist and human rights hero, and we had a GREAT chat about religion in 2022, how to advocate, and how to live a purpose-filled life.

James is back to talk about the Emergencies Act hearing looking into the use of the EA to clear out the Illegal Freedumb Occupation in Ottawa.

Canada sucks at these hearings. Is it so hard to let us see the slides you were referring too? Can we get a little more sensational with this shit? It’s only the biggest public inquiry in Canada’s history. Let;’s light this shit up!! Gimme lights and a laser show and big LED light shows that flash “GUILTY AF” across the screen!!

It started with the presiding Justice talking about Salmon then every stakeholder in the CONVOY hearing took a few minutes to talk about what they planned on showing Canadians. Sask and AB are clearly involved in planning the convoy so they made a stink and the Freedom Corp (test, they are a cooperation now) lawyer said everything we saw is wrong and there’s no evidence of the convoy doing anything wrong which is PURE BULLSHIAT Dean and james discuss what we want to happen VS what should happen in determining fault from last winters bullshit.

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