Apr 12 - 2020

Canucks Are Going To The Stanley Cup Final!

About the Episode

We made you wait over a week for an episode so we caught you up with a bonus one this week!

The guys committed to 30 minutes of engaging commentary and next thing you know, they wrap it up at the hour mark. Go figure. There was actually a lot to talk about from the Goldobin Wars ending to WWF finishers (or is it WWE?), the bizarre way the Canucks went to the 2011 Stanley Cup Final and a scenario where the 2010 and 2002 Canadian Olympic Men’s teams LOSE to the USA in hockey.

No Dudes and Guys this week but when it’s here, it’s brought to you by Players Choice Sports Cards and Collectibles. An Upper Deck Diamond Dealer and Hobby Retailer of the Year.

OH, and we put a potential season-saving scenario in its place.

Listen up and listen good.

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