Dec 8 - 2023

Canucks sign Ohtani, Super Tall humans, and Technodromes

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The Canucks have evened out a bit and everyone seems to be freaking out. Brock Boeser leads the NHL in goals, Casey DeSmith is getting shutouts and yet we all think the sky is falling.

It hasn’t looked pretty lately but somehow, the Canucks are still in the top 4 in the league.

We get into the Shohei Ohtani rumours to the CANUCKS??? Ted quizzes Ryan on how tall some of the big MLB guys are and how they’d fare in the NHL or heck, the NFL.

We discuss the weird process of choosing a World Junior Canada team and how Team Sweden has a banger of a squad.

There’s a discussion on Roberto Luongo and where he ranks all time on the Canucks and why maybe “Ring of Honour” isn’t as honourable.

Finally, it’s Ryan’s turn to hit the Top 5. It’s a good one that takes you back.

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