Nov 30 - 2018

Command Your Worth – Christina Lecuyer

About the Episode

Christina Lecuyer is a perfect embodiment of Carrie’s mantra: You can create your own reality. In addition, her bubbly personality and confidence is downright contagious. Born in Edmonton, Christina’s father, Tony Lecuyer, was one of Alberta’s biggest names in golf. At age 18 Christina picked up the game quickly, and was on her way to winning tournaments and being featured on the Golf Channel’s Big Break series, twice. Christina has now taken her love of helping others, dedication and determination to a new path: helping empower women to stand up and recognize their worthiness and value. She talks with Carrie about her Mastermind group, Commanding Your Worth class, and the life lessons she learned while on the golf course.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode: How Christina’s competitive and independent nature from the early age of 4 translated to her current day endeavors. What it was like for Christina to work and live in such a male dominated world, and what she learned from the experience. Her family’s background in golf, and a little more about the immense success they have all had in the sport. How Christina got into competing in tournaments, and what it felt like to get that first taste of winning. Why Christina once viewed not getting her tour card as a failure, but now sees it as the step that opened the door to her first corporate golf tournament. The limiting mindset beliefs that Christina held about being a latecomer to golf, and the way things shifted when she shed these to fully believe in herself. How Christina got picked for her “Big Break” on the Golf Channel. The life lessons Christina has learned on the golf course, and why business executives have it all right when they bond over tee time. How Christina beats overwhelm by breaking down her goals into small sizable and consistent action steps. More about Christina’s Mastermind group, her Commanding your Worth class, and her vision to help women to gain confidence in all aspects of work and business. The two things Christina believes social media is good for, and why you need to turn it off and walk away if you aren’t doing either! Why we must surround ourselves with good people, listen to high level information and take consistent action upon our dreams. Christina’s pillars when it comes to self care and staying true to being her most healthy and authentic self.

Quotes: “It is your job to live a life that you fully love.” “I have consistently worked in a man’s world for many years, and I’ve adored it. I’ve also learned so, so, so much.” “My number one skill set in life is that I’ve always worked extremely hard.” “I truly believe that the universe leads you where you need to be.” “You gotta do what you love.” “You have to take action every single day towards what you ultimately want to do.” “When you listen to your heart, it never leads you in the wrong direction.” “When you connect with the right people, they want to lift you up as well.”

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