Jun 7 - 2022

Connor McDavid Wants Out Of Edmonton, Tiger Woods Turned Down 1 Billion To Play On The LIV Tour, Crypto/Elon Twitter Update With Scott Trades & Experience Regina Is A Banger

The Dean Blundell Show

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Hey, Ho, Let’s GO!

We’re back with another “Connor McDavid wants out of Edmonton” story. How much more losing can one man handle? Lochlin chimes in on the vibe of the “City of Conference finalists” to talk about the rumors and how to attract good players NOT named Evander Kane to the coldest NHL city in the league.

Tiger Woods turned down $1 Billion to play on the Saudi LIV golf tour because he has a problem with taking money from terrorists who murder reporters and journalists. Phil Mickelson and Dustin Johnson have no problem taking blood money so they left the PGA tour ahead of the inaugural LIV tour tournament in London, England, and the gold world is Angry my friends.

I give Tiger 2 months before he jumps on board btw.

Some fan mail lets us in on someone in the “radio” business decided to trash Dean and the website for 3 hours and 15 minutes. We will tell you who.

Elon Musk sent a letter to Twitter begging them to back out of his 44 billion dollar offer to purchase. Our money man from the Hot Wallet Pod, Scott Trades talks about Elon and how NFT bro’s are all getting popped for insider trading. Shocker.

Working from home is officially over!

Experience Regina is the banger you didn’t know you needed today

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