Jun 28 - 2022

Convoy Week/Tamara Litch Arrest With Caryma Sa’d, The War In Ukraine Isn’t Over With Alex Dayrabekov & January 6th Trials Are An Electric Factory

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

It’s #Convoy Week! Caryma stops by to talk:

– Tamara Lich’s re-arrest!

– Her attacker turned himself in

– #Ottawa is ready for the #CanadaDayConvoy and so is Caryma.

– Her plan

– #OttawaPolice says they are not fucking around this time. Does she believe them?

Our dear friend Alex Dayrabekov joins us from his home in Irpin the day after Russian bombs fell on Kyiv and a packed mall.

We need to keep talking about how we can help our brothers and sisters in Ukraine.

Is fat shaming ok when it’s to bad people?

The January 6th trials are an electric factory

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