Feb 22 - 2024

Courtney Gains

Spear Talk Podcast

About the Episode

For episode 160, we welcomed actor and musician, Courtney Gains to the show! Courtney is best known for his iconic portrayal as “Malachai” in the 1984 horror classic Children of the Corn, ‘Hans Klopek” in The ‘Burbs, and ‘Whitey” in Colors. He is also an accomplished musician, whose recent EP, “Safe Haven” was released in October 2023 on Fake Fangs Records. 

In our talk we covered the legacy of Children of the Corn as it approaches its 40th anniversary, the fandom not only surrounding that film but his wide body of work in the horror genre, working alongside Tom Hanks in The Burbs, his love of writing music and performing on stage, performing with the band Phish, his musical influences, his latest EP Safe Haven, and so much more!

#childrenofthecorn #courtneygains #horrorstories 

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