Jan 29 - 2019

Creating and Connecting Community with Brijet Whitney

About the Episode

Brijet Whitney knows a thing or two about moving at a moment’s notice. This mom of 3, entrepreneur and professional dancer is married to now retired NHL star Ray Whitney, and relocating was a huge part of his successful career. So much so, that she made it one of her life’s missions to create a phenomenal website and app that is literally life-changing for sports families going through a move. Today, she steps inside the Inner Circle to share the how and why of creating a community and resource guide for pro sports players and their families. She also tells the sweet story of how she and Ray met and fell in love, and the spicy details of one of her own individual passions – dancing.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode: Why Brijet felt there was a need to create a community and resource guide for pro sports players and their families. Brijet’s own experience in moving over 8 times with her family, including one major emotional move from North Carolina to Phoenix. The ways that Brijet’s family taught her the importance of independence and flexibility throughout the twists and turns of life. Her version (he has one too) of how she and Ray met and fell in love. The ways that Our Hockey Life helps take the edge off moving, and answers questions for families to create a community, as well as speeding up the tough transition process. How she built up Our Hockey Life to now include a network of all 30 NHL teams. Brijet’s partnership with pro baseball wife, Lori Ankiel, to create the ultimate athlete’s guide. Brijet’s beliefs in the beauty of communicating beyond borders, whether it’s location or sport. More about the documentary Hockey Wives which featured Brijet and Ray, and what it was like to have their personal lives on screen. How the transition of Ray’s retirement now gives Brijet time to turn to a huge love in her life – dancing and competition.

Quotes: “I can’t help but make friends and pull people in.” “Having community support and partnership is the way to do it.” “You have an idea? I’ll be the biggest cheerleader.” “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” “Find something you love and just do it.” “I feel most at peace with myself when I’m dancing.”

Mentioned: Our Hockey Life | Twitter | Instagram The Athlete’s Guide

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