Oct 13 - 2022

Danielle Smith Is A F**king Conspiracy Kook Who Happens To Be Alberta’s Premier

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome back @LochlinCross and our Ukraine War Correspondent, Alex @Dayrabekov

– The war has shifted; Alex explains how this week’s massive rocket attack by Russians deep into Ukraine has changed the way he and the rest of Ukraine are living

– How the Kerch bridge Bombing changed the game

– Ukraine’s ask for air superiority

– Possibility of a Nuclear strike by Russia seems to grow every day

– The mood of defiant Ukrainians is more resolved to fight, stand and win than ever before

Lochlin’s back!!! We cover the election of the dumbest person in Canada and her state of the victim speech in Alberta. Danielle Smith is a fucking conspiracy kook who happens to be Alberta’s Premier, and her first order of business? Fire anyone who believes in Vaccines and science. Welcome back to the stone age, dummies.

Speaking of Dummies, the anti-vaxxers are coming in their pants after a far-right politician from Holland said Pfizer knew the vaccine wouldn’t prevent transmission, saying it’s the worst scam perpetrated on human kind. I guess he didn’t read the trial data or any peer-reviewed studies because the rest of us knew that a year ago.

Violence on Toronto public transit is at an all-time high – let’s break down the latest offering at a Scarborough bus stop where a special needs adult was attacked and how ‘fingering’ might be our way out!

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