Aug 27 - 2019

Dare to Care with Ron Campbell

About the Episode

Ron Campbell worked for 35 years in the RCMP, and was diagnosed with PTSD and Major Depressive Disorder throughout his tenure there. Ron tells an amazing story of owning your voice, even when others don’t want to listen, to move past the pain and shame and into healing and connection. He joins the Inner Circle to talk about how he came to work in Major Crimes and was also a crisis negotiator, how he accidentally fell into public speaking, and now knows it is his responsibility to tell his story to others that it will help. Ron is also very active in many boards and committees that support mental health, and active in peer support to first responders across Canada. 

What You’ll Hear In This Episode: Ron’s dad was a forest ranger and they were always moving. His dream was to be a football player, as he sought out a life where he could be part of a team, and instead, he joined the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police). The physical requirements of becoming a member of the RCMP were tough, but the mental effects were even stronger. The coping skills of the RCMP are beyond measure, even from a clinical standpoint. Ron recounts a few scenes from his 35 years on the job that sound like they could be a movie, but they were just another day on the job for him. Why he decided to follow a path of working in Major Crimes and Crisis Negotiation, and how much pressure it really was to be the one that made life-changing decisions. The huge loss on the job that Ron endured that was a wake-up that he needed the support of others, and that he wasn’t an island. When Ron was diagnosed with PTSD and depression, and what the symptoms are that we can look out for in others and ourselves. Why so many don’t reach out for help because they think it seems weak when really it’s one of the strongest things we can do. If your spidey senses are tingling that someone needs extra help or attention, follow it. Ron shares examples of how people following their intuition helped keep him alive. How Ron became an accidental advocate for PTSD and discovered that not only did he feel good from speaking out, but it was his responsibility to do so. How we can approach someone that has PTSD and a starting point for what to say to them. 

Quotes: “I was chasing experiences more than I was chasing promotion.” “At the end of the day you are not superman, you are just human.” “I was tired of pretending.” “You are never, ever, ever alone. Even when you think you are.” Mentioned: BC Lions RCP Calgary Negotiation Crisis Conference 

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