Mar 7 - 2024

Dash Rendar

Spear Talk Podcast

About the Episode

For episode 162, we welcomed Dash Rendar to the show! Dash, who goes by the name of @garnishandgains on Instagram, is known for his love of his longbow and other ancient types of weapons like swords and spears, which he demonstrates their effectiveness through different drills and exercises. He has his own successful YouTube channel under ​⁠ too!

In our discussion we covered how his love of fantasy and RPG games lead to the field testing of various weapons, the amount of research that he puts into the testing of weapons and their role throughout history, the correlation between using weapons effectively and fitness, what his neighbors think when they seem him throwing spears and smashing shields, why he loves the longbow, and so much more!

#dashrendar #longbow #weapontraining 

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