Nov 9 - 2022

David Moscrop, Lochlin Cross, Ford FAILED, ELON vs Journalism & Burdensome Genitals

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

HELLO, WEDNESDAY! You Sexy Bastard!

Moscrop is back from teaching, writing, and reading for the rest of us to talk about a few things on his mind.

– As great as this week was for labor Unions, Moscrop says we need a General Strike in Ontario. You can shit on Labour Action all you like, but labor action has been saving Canadians since 1874.

– David’s take on Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover is interesting. David is a self-made journalist and academic who writes for multiple outlets. He just joined substack and has specific thoughts on the future of “Contract Journalism” and individual brands. He hates dicks like Elon, so it was a cathartic conversation for him. Will Twitter survive Elon’s spin?

– A man in England says he lost a job because his penis is too big. Accused of having a boner the entire interview, he was asked to leave despite maintaining he “just has a big C***”

News outlets are covering the story, but Dean thinks it’s a conspiracy. He explains.

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