Sep 27 - 2022

David Verhulst – Co-Founder of Forest Play

About the Episode

Dave believes the natural world is one of our most powerful teachers and mentors. Dave co-founded Forest Play in 2011 with the goal of facilitating programs that connect people to nature, others and themselves. 

Forest Play is grounded in the learning philosophies of Coyote Mentoring and Forest Schools and inspired by the understanding that stories, wilderness skills and sensory experiences in nature can help children and adults be more creative, resilient and emotionally intelligent. Dave also facilitates nature-based leadership programs for the Banff Centre and the Pacific Centre for Leadership and leads adult workshops for teachers and educators in Forest Play and nature – connection mentoring. 

He has a Master’s Degree in Recreation Management, is an accredited Master Interpretive Guide a Wilderness First Responder and proud father of two wonderful daughters (ages 11 & 13).

Coyote’s Guide:

Child and Nature Alliance Canada/Forest School Canada:

Wilderness Awareness School:

Wisdom of the Earth (Salt Spring) and the Pine Project (Toronto) (these are really Canada’s versions of Wilderness Awareness School):

David Sobel:

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