Nov 4 - 2022

DB2 BETS: NBA/NFL Picks – Pistons, Patriots, Bears, Seahawks + Bookies w/ ‘Nicky The Nose’

About the Episode

From New York, friend and fellow comic Dustin Hempstead aka ‘Nicky The Nose’ pops into the show. They break down their NFL picks for the weekend, whether or not you should take them, dash in a little NBA action and talk about Josh and Dustin’s NFC West rivalry between the Niners and Rams. Nicky also shares some wild stories from his past.

PICKS FOR OCTOBER 28-30 / 2022

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Patriots: -4.5 (-115)

Bears: +4.5 (-110)

Seahawks: +2.5 (-110)

Bojan Bogdanovic: Over 2.5 3pts (-160)

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