Jul 2 - 2022

DBS Canada Day Special: Alt-White Extremists At Canada’s War Memorial, Ottawa Cops Aren’t Messing Around & Live From Ottawa With Caryma

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

It’s Canada Day and we’re ON IT!

TikTok assassin @SheepKingJB joins us to riff about alt-white extremists and disgraced military personnel co-opting Canada’s War Dead into the AntiVax movement.

An #ottawa cop was choked out by a protestor yesterday and the video is fucking SERIOUS. A bunch of antivax losers were arrested for assaulting #OPS officers last night so now #OPS is molly whopping anyone who touches a man or woman in uniform. Not a great start for the freedom wieners. @RyanLindley has details.

@CarymaRules is LIVE in #Ottawa for the CanadaDayConvoy and she’s actually having a great time. Freedom fighters give her weed, so there’s that, but this convoy was dead before it began and she explains why.

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