Sep 17 - 2022

Dean Trended All Day For Exposing A Conservative Bot Campaign & The Bots Were Pissed

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome to Friday!!!! We’re mailing it in today.

Why #JustinTrudeauMustGo AND Dean Blundell trended all day today.

The “Purebloods,” Bots, and Trolls went HARD with formatted collective messaging about how miserable their lives have been over the past two years because Justin Trudeau is the PM.

It started last month in the Staes with Biden and made it’s way North this week. Dean pointed out how funny this “Operation #TrudeauMustGo was because of all the similarities in the messaging and how it works, so the Troll Bot Armies decided to give us a traffic bump. We’ll go through those tweets and stories with journalist Matt Lamers. Matt has some thoughts on Trudeau’s divisions; if Dean misses the point, he wants to know more. Dean also doesn’t think he’s missing the point. (He’s probably not).

Kanye West is starting a new religious school in Chicago, and ALL of the kids have to sign NDAs?

Lochlin had a terrible experience in the bathroom this morning, we discuss.

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