Nov 13 - 2021


About the Episode

First and foremost, thanks for deciding to listen to this week’s episode of the PP1 Podcast. You could be listening to an audio book or one of the ninety competing shows but you said “Hey, I like these goofballs” so thank you.

We’re part of the Dean Blundell Network and partnered with Summerskates and now our good friends MANSCAPED. They’ve even hooked us up with a clever promo code PP20 for 20% off at check out #sponsored #ad #manscapedpod.

Ted Wong and Ryan Hank bring the goods this week and they didn’t pull any punches whatsoever. The Canucks are a mess, plain and simple. 

There are so many avenues to go down but the long and short of it is they suck. How do things get better before they burn it to the ground, they don’t.

We get into some weird ground this week with “Canucks as girls” and “Arbys Vodka” and “Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?”

Too much to get into but it was a heavy hitter and the ad reads were interesting, to say the least.

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