Apr 16 - 2019

Depolarizing Health and Wellness with Dr. Neeja Bakshi and Heather Gazley

About the Episode

Two very different worlds collide inside the Inner Circle this week. Dr. Neeja Bakshi, founder of Park Integrative Health and Director of Business Integration, Heather Gazley, join the show to talk about how their two very different approaches of Eastern and Western medicine have come together to create a network of support and empowerment in health. They discuss the importance of education, how Park Integrative Health came to be, the challenges they have faced along the way and the most common ailments they see.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode: How these two ladies brought Eastern and Western medicine under the same roof. Dr. Neeja’s journey first into massage which led to her interest in nutrition and eventually opening a clinic. Heather’s desire to combine her love of education, sports and offering her unique gift to the world that brought her to Park Integrative Health. What the vision was upon opening Park Integrative Health, and how they find the balance to solidify as what they view as the ideal scenario. How they find the right team members to fit into the staff of Park Integrative Health. What they say to those on either side that doubt and question the pairings of two usually diverse worlds. Dr. Neeja’s commitment to continued education and experience so she can best talk to her patients about exploring all of their options. Heather’s belief that “alternative” medicine is actually part of a whole that creates a holistic treatment to health. Why the term “holistic” has become a taboo in the world of Western medicine. The big changes in the healthcare industry shifting from more reactive and acute health care to preventative care. More about the epidemic of chronic fatigue and burnout, including the challenge of diagnosis and treatment. The two big barriers to integrative health: cost and fear. Why it’s a red flag when a practitioner believes they are cure-all for everything. How depression and stress manifest in the body, and how much diet and stress reduction has to play in the condition. The common sense of health and lifestyle habits that really make a difference and keep our bodies in balance. Carrie’s own experience with acupuncture and a release of stored emotion. What women should be responsible for within their own health care and advocating for themselves. Why it is hard for women to come to their physician or practitioner and admit that they aren’t able to do it all.

Quotes: “I’m a living example of incorporating things from all different aspects.” “We want to empower our patients.” “It’s not about East and West — it’s about opening up the conversation.” “For a therapeutic relationship to work, there must be give and take on both sides.” “You are the person in control of your health care and you are your own greatest advocate.”

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