Aug 16 - 2022

Don’t listen to this podcast.

About the Episode

What’s up MFers, thank you all for tuning into yet another week. In episode number 37 we will be once again going through a NAILS. The topic for this week is best foods starting with the letter B. 
 Then we will be bringing back our MFer of the week. Are they a good MFer or a bad MFer… maybe both, just listen and find out. 
In the latter half of the episode we do a FAX or printer, where the loser has to sing 60 seconds of a song that the other person chooses. this was absolutely horrible.

 And as always, we get naked on camera and wash off with the shower thought of the day.

Time Stamps:

5:34 – NAILS

16:19 – MFer of the week

22:53 – FAX no printer

34:32 – Worst minute of podcasting ever

36:28 – Shower thought of the day

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