Jun 2 - 2022

Doug Ford Is A Russian Asset, Oilers Offsidegate, People Hate Ron McLean & Caryma Vs H-Train

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Doug Ford is a Russian Asset, an article was released that says Dofoligarch was attempting to funnel Russian money into Ontario despite sanctions. We explain.

The Oilers lost 8-6 to the Avs in Game 1 of their WCF and Oiler’s fans are so stupid it hurts. Lochlin too. Clearly, someone needs to teach Oiler fans how offsides work. That and the 7 previous goals don’t help your cause when you want the country to support your squad, kids.

The Ron Maclean hate parade continues. For 2 years Ron trends in a bad direction because YOU PEOPLE think he should have quit. Is it Redneck hockey Twitter or is it just me?

Doug Ford’s son-in-law slid into Caryma’s DM’s despite being married to Doug’s dumbest daughter. Ernie “H-Train” Haynes thinks Qrista Ford knows more about gun control THAN ANYONE IN THE WHOLE PROVINCE, don’t you know. Carya joins us to discuss AND dishes her next steps in holding Doug Ford accountable for having her arrested simply because he doesn’t like her.

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