Sep 13 - 2022

Dr. Melissa Lem – Director of PaRx (Park Prescriptions)

About the Episode

Dr. Melissa Lem is a Vancouver family physician who also works in rural and northern communities within Canada. Director of PaRx (Park Prescriptions), Canada’s national nature prescription program powered by the BC Parks Foundation, and President-Elect of the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, she is an internationally recognized expert on the nature-health connection.

Just a few of Dr. Lem’s highlights include, she was the inaugural winner of University College’s Young Alumni of Influence Award at the University of Toronto, a 2020 Joule Innovation grant recipient from the Canadian Medical Association, a 2021 World Parks Week Ambassador.

We covered:

  1. What is Park Prescriptions?
  2. The biggest links between nature and its healing benefits.
  3. What counts as “nature time”?
  4. What would you recommend to the general population for getting outside?

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