Dec 16 - 2022

Elon Banning Journalists On Twitter, May Musk To The Rescue, Danielle Smith Is The Stupidest Woman In Canada

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome to Friday. The entire show will be drinking today so expect Lochnlin to destroy all the flow of the show nd Ryan’s giggling to pick up in hour 2.

Elon is laying waste to free speech on Twitter. LAst night he made up some bullshit story about breaking up some assassination plot so he could ban a few journalists he doesn’t like (which he did).

The European Union just sent him a note to tell him to respect free speech and journalism, or they’ll pull the app (I hope they do).

It all came down to Elon joining Twitter Spaces with the journalists in question after banning them, where he removed Spaces from Twitter globally so no one could access the audio. We have it, and he sounds like the world’s biggest INCEL Man Baby.

May Musk, Elon’s mom came to his rescue today, which is very Jon and Barbara Kay of her. Talk about embarrassing.

Embarrassing is a great way to describe Trump’s sold-out digital NFT trading card collection!

And Nate Pike from the Breakdown AB Pod jumps in to take us to Civic’s class over Alberta’s new sovereignty act, and Danielle Smith compares the suffering of Alberta’s oil and gas industry to the suffering of 400 years of Indigenous genocide in Canada.

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