Feb 1 - 2021

Ep.14 | Stafford told Lions he’d take a trade anywhere but the Patriots

About the Episode

The 2020 season isn’t over yet, and we’ve had our first blockbuster move for the 2021 season. Jared Goff is leaving the beautiful, sunny, good weather Las Angeles, and is switching places with Matthew Stafford in Detroit. You could say that Goff is going from a Tesla to a Ford Taurus. The Rams and Goff lost that trade for so many different reasons. So there were rumors that the Patriots were one of the teams in on a Stafford trade, but now there are stories that Stafford said anybody but the Patriots, that’s a bit of kick in the pants.

The Patriots need a quarterback, in fact the Patriots need a bridge quarterback, and they need to draft their future quarterback, but according to the best Patriots beat reporter in the business, New England needs to play this smart, and reaching for a quarterback with the 15th overall pick may not be the thing to do, especially since the Patriots have so many holes to fill.

With the Super Bowl now a week away, there has been a lot of GOAT talk, there has been a lot of Brady vs Mahomes, so we thought how about for just one day, we focus on some other storylines that have nothing to do with the quarterbacks.

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