Mar 13 - 2021

Ep.39 | Patriots Trading Gilmore May Not Be A Great Idea

About the Episode

The New England Patriots Stephon Gilmore has apparently been on the trade block since last October.

Assuming that Gilmore is going to want a brand new contract, the Patriots are stuck between a rock and a hard place. On one hand you have an aging cornerback who is demanding top dollar, and could sit out if he isn’t give a new contract. On the other hand, Gilmore was the 2019 defensive player of the year and is still playing at elite levels.

ESPN’s Mike Clay had an interesting thought when he tweeted: “I feel like one of the biggest disparities in the game right now is strong leaguewide WR depth vs. shaky CB depth.”

Putting that disparity into perspective, one would have to wonder if Bill Belichick would feel compelled to try and make things work with Gilmore? It’s these type of situations that prove the $64 million salary cap isn’t as robust as some Patriots fans believe it is. JC Jackson is an unrestricted free agent, and many assume he will get a significant pay raise, and others have questioned whether or not he can actually move into that number one cornerback spot.

If New England really is going for it in 2021, perhaps Belichick needs to try and figure out how he can keep both Jackson and Gilmore, while also addressing the pressing needs on offense, like quarterback, wide receiver, and tight end.

The Patriots defense is much closer to being elite than the offense, and if Belichick is serious about competing, than he may need to spend some money on defense, and if he were to do that, keeping the elite secondary together, would be the best place to do it.

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