Jan 27 - 2021

Episode 17 – Wednesday Night Sports Gumbo

About the Episode

Hosted by Robert Kuney and Paul C. Cuthbert.

Tonight the Honchos served up a steaming bowl of sports gumbo for all our listeners starting with a tribute to Rob’s stepfather and a look at the most honest Chinese restaurant in North America.

They started the sports cavalcade on the ice with a look at the Washington Capitals and their Covid penalty and the Patrick Laine-Pierre-Luc Dubois trade, which led to a brief detour into the power struggle between star players and owners in all leagues.

Next the Honchos went to the hardwood of the NBA and talked about the NBA wanting to vaccinate its players as a public service, the “hug police,” and the Covid-sniffing dogs in Miami.

The MLB segment started with a tribute to the legend, Hank Aaron, and then the Honchos turned to the 2021 Hall of Fame class, which was no one, Curt Schilling’s reaction, and the hypocrisy of the Hall. Baseball talk ended with a hot stove roundup on JT Realmuto and Trevor Bauer.

The NFL Roundup was dominated by the AFC and NFC Championship game recaps. The Honchos also looked at the career of Philip Rivers and asked if he was a Hall of Famer.

After a quick tribute to Larry King, Paul led the “Seconds of Soccer” segment, and then the Honchos wrapped the show with the Dope of the Week. This week’s winner was Dan Campbell, the new head coach of the Detroit Lions.

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