Aug 11 - 2020

Episode 3: 10,000 statements that Black Lives Matter

The 905er

About the Episode

On June 4th, an estimated 7 to 10,000 people marched in Burlington in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter protests then happening across the US. It was an astonishing and unexpected display for a city not known for mass activism, overwhelmingly made by younger Burlingtonians. This week Joel and Roland speak to Isabella Mallon and Korede Balogan, two of the organizers of the event, about their motivations and expectations for the event, and their plans and hopes for building on their success in the months and years ahead.


In other 905 news, Roland and Joel discuss the cancellation of Hamilton’s LRT based on the highly suspect claim of $5 billion in costs made by the province. Finally, they discuss the decision on ranked ballots which is coming to committee at Burlington City Hall this week, and the reason why many consider ranked ballots a major step towards fairer elections in Ontario’s cities.

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