Nov 5 - 2020

Episode 7 Nov 2 2020

About the Episode

A revolutionary smell-killing product gets the Fuckin’ Eh seal of approval, a priest gets a little too comfortable on a flight and gets sued, do we have too many lawyers in the world now?

A man settles a lawsuit after being fooled into believing Ginger Ale has medical benefits… Dan falls for buying fake money in a video game with real money, then, arm your children, guard the doors, an exorcism is going down.

Watching Kardashians makes you more of an a-hole, science agrees, and the gents take a dive into a community on reddit that is likely made up of liars who lie their lying asses off, and also cast spells.


Intro: MF Doom “Arrow Root”

Outro: Brockhampton “If You Pray Right”


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Twitter/Insta @Fuckinehpodcast

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