Jun 9 - 2022

Episode 72 – Massage Therapy

About the Episode


The greatest threesome on airways is back with some more NFL offseason news and we got an absolute BANGER as the news around the league this week was non-stop. 

As always we get into a little weekend where Coach Decs was in fine form at his first out of town tourney as Lovat and Ov got a little turnt themselves with 18 and a BBQ blowout. 

Of course some more wild allegations moving forward with Deshaun as we creep closer to the season and we talk about where the browns are going to be this season. We get into some big names returning to team facilities as mandatory mini camps open this weeks and Ov finally has some good news coming from his camp. 

with the start of minicamp, me training camp is not too far away which means we are getting there, slowly but surely…the new NFL season is coming! 

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