Jun 16 - 2022

Episode 73 – The Gruesome Twosome

About the Episode


We are down a man this week, as Decs is on his weekly grind and couldn’t join the boys for this one. BUT the show must go on, so Lovat get into a little hockey action as Lovat comes out of Beer League retirement and gets a solid 2 periods in before tapping out, as always beverages and golf balls were flying all weekend and the boys get into it to kick things off!

Than of course the content you guys came for, as this wild NFL offseason just keeps giving with new story after news story, will Baker be traded? Will Scary Terry find a new home? Who is the next 2019 Draftee to get a FAT payday.

We get into all of this and more, brought to you from MANSCAPED, do not forget the code GOONS20 at checkout for 20% off and Free Shipping. The perfect gift for Pops this fathers day!

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