Jun 26 - 2020

Erik Gudbranson And The Hub City Happenings feat. Anna Forsyth

About the Episode

You know when you think you’re hot stuff and you just post your podcast and think it’s no big deal? Yup, Ryan screwed up.

Thanks for checking out this week’s PP1 Podcast with special guest Anna Forsyth from C4 Podcast, it’s a big deal. We get into Hub Cities, What we’d have in our Hub City, Cricket talk, and more.

The Players Choice Sportscards and Collectibles Dudes and Guys was a douzy but we pitted Erik Gudbranson against Luca Sbisa and it went all kinds of weird.

Nikita Tryamkin is brought up again, the cool COVID rings are a thing and somehow we still talk more about Erik Gudbranson.

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