Mar 14 - 2024

Erin Brockovich

Spear Talk Podcast

About the Episode

For episode 163, we welcomed Erin Brockovich to the show! Erin is an American paralegal, consumer advocate, and environmental activist who was instrumental in building a case against Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) involving groundwater contamination in Hinkley, California with the help of attorney Ed Masry in 1993. Their successful lawsuit was the subject of an Oscar-winning film, Erin Brockovich (2000), starring Julia Roberts as Brockovich and Albert Finney as Masry. She is the president of Brockovich Research & Consulting. 

In our discussion we covered how she became a paralegal, what it means to be an environmental activist, the legacy of the famous Hinkley case, the concept of “profits over people”, the Flint, MI water crisis, the role of fitness in her life, having a positive mindset, being portrayed by Julia Roberts, and everything in between. This was a dream guest for me. 

#erinbrockovich #environmentalactivism #paralegal 

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