Nov 1 - 2022

Esther Post is the woman who put Chelsea Hiller in a Time Out

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Esther Post is an English Professor at Carlton and was the subject of vicious Defamation by a member of the Royal Redneck Hillers. Known extremist and hillbilly crackpot Chelsea Hillier were friends before the Pandemic, Vaccines, and mandates ripped them apart.

Because Chelsea is a criminal, should handle it when Esther decided to speak up for Mandates and Vaccines, so Chels did what Chelsea does, defamed Esther over a period of] a couple of months by suggesting she’s a pedo and drugs/rapes university students. You know, that old Qanon Chesnut.

Esther sued Chelsea with impunity and won a summary defamation judgment of 100k. Chelsea then decided to ignore the judge’s order, so Esther went all in, and now Chelsea is under house arrest. How did two friends end up suing each other? The pandemic and Jesus rot people’s brains,’

Doug Ford, Chris Barber, and the Jesus Freaks came for dean today but he loves it because he’s sick in the head.

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