Nov 5 - 2022

FIFA Corrupt AF | Alphonso Davies | Mitch Miller | Cole Beasley | Bill Belichick | Bills Bandwagon

About the Episode

This episode of Ray’s Sports Rant got animated when I discussed FIFA, Cole Beasley, and Mitchell Miller.FIFA is the most corrupt governing body in sports, and they have a big problem. After cutting a deal to give Qatar the World Cup, everything has blown up in their face. From the protests against Qatar to moving the World Cup to November, major stars risk missing the most significant tournament. Alphonso Davies and Lionel Messi top the list. The Boston Bruins took the NHL and hockey ten years back when they offered Mitch Miller a contract on Friday. Miller had been charged and convicted of racially profiling a classmate, using racial slurs, and bullying. Another dark day for a sport with an ugly culture. Cole Beasley is back on Twitter. After not posting for a month, Beasley sent out Tweets supporting Kyrie Irving and showed his disdain that professional athletes could not use antisemitic rhetoric. Maybe that wasn’t the point he was trying to make, but it’s how it came across. 

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